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Our Courses

Hair Cut


Level 2​

  • consultation,

  • shampooing,

  • cutting,

  • colouring,

  • styling and finishing hair.

  • There are also optional units in hair extensions services, perming and relaxing hair.

Makeup Brushes


Level 2​

  • Provide waxing treatments

  • Provide hand and nail treatments

  • Provide foot treatments

  • Provide facial treatments

  • Provide eyelash and eyebrow treatments

  • Provide make-up application

  • Provide basic massage treatments



Level 3​

  • Creatively restyle hair using a combination of techniques

  • Creatively style and dress hair

  • Creative hair colour correction services

  • Provide client consultation services

  • Smoothing and straightening systems

  • Use fashion forward trends in hair to create a collection of hairstyle looks

Beauty in Glam Makeup


Level 3​

  • Massage therapy

  • Thermal stone treatments

  • Tanning services

  • Individual lash extensions

  • Facial services



  • Consultation

  • Shampoo, condition and treat the scalp

  • Cutting hair using barbering techniques to create a variety of looks

  • Style and finish men’s hair

  • Cut facial hair into shape

  • Provide shaving services

  • We are proud to be associated with the Great British Barber Bash

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